Tuesday, November 15, 2016

richard bolles

"Use this opportunity.  Make this not only a hunt for a job, but a hunt for a life.  A deeper life, a victorious life, a life you're prouder of.  The world currently is filled with workers whose weeklong cry is, 'When is the weekend going to be here?' And, then, 'Thank God it's Friday!'  Their work puts bread on the table but... they are bored out of their minds.  They've never taken the time to think out what they uniquely can do, and what they uniquely have to offer the world.  The world doesn't need any more bored workers.  Dream a little.  Dream a lot.  One of the saddest pieces of advice in the world is, 'Oh come now -- be realistic.'  The best parts of this world were not fashioned by those who were 'realistic.'  They were fashioned by those who dared to look hard at their wishes and then gave them horses to ride."

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