Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Rock God

I am not drowning
            I am saved
I am not lost
            I am found
I am not stagnant
            I am fluid
I am Light
            Liquid, Golden, Flame
The heart flame
            White, Searing, Hot
I am not falling
            I Am Flying
My glass is not half empty
            My cup runneth over
I have tasted his sacrament
I have drunk his wine
I am his – And, he is mine
Life forces comingled – Joined
Replicated and Duplicated
Compounding our love
            and, expanding our minds
What was once
            unseen and unknown
Now so easily discovered
            and conquered
In his eyes I see my fate reflected
I see the natural world
            He Is My Earth
Hearing his laughter in
            the roaring river
His sigh
            in the slow murmuring stream
 I see his face in the sun
            as I feel his strength
                       in the hard rock
I see his eyes in the twinkling    
            of the night’s sky
And, feel his breath
            in the warm breeze
                        of a summer’s day
I know his body as I know my own
            every contour - every groove
I feel his every move
            bound to him
                        as the earth is bound
                                    to the sun.


Usvi_Ninja said...

This wonder poem brought me to tears. i have just been in a huge break up and i find this poem to be my "Rock God".

Anonymous said...

Love this!!!

Dollarsbuild said...

I love this poem, this is pretty deep.