Friday, March 18, 2011

charla hermann

"BE ALERT, pay attention to what is going on in the world, ABOVE, BELOW AND WITHIN. Watch the Stars and see what is happening in the skies and within the wind. Watch the core of the earth and the shadows of your fears and be mindful to seek balance. Look within your heart and soul and decide what is really important right now. Hold the love, make good memories and cherish that best of the past. Be willing to carry it forward. KNOW THE ALTAR OF THE EAGLE TO RISE ABOVE THE SITUATION AND LOOK DOWN INTO THE WORLD FOR THE RIGHT SOLUTION.

BE COURAGEOUS, and be willing to step outside the box. Be willing to gather what is important and move on, if need be. Know that you may loose loved ones or financial security. You might be forced to let go of all kinds of things. (As someone in Japan today what is the most important thing they take from their homes. They won’t be able to go back and get things covered with radiation. What they take is what they get to start over again.) Imagine how hard it is for a junkie to get a fix in a city that is shut down. Best to deal with addictions before we get to that place. I know I can’t carry enough chocolate to get from one home to the other right now. (HAVE HUMOR, WE WILL NEED IT!) KNOW THE ALTAR OF THE BUFFALO AND BE STRONG AND ABLE TO MAKE HOME WHERE EVER YOU GO.

BE ABLE TO ENDURE, the possibility of going without food for a few days, or rations of food that isn’t on our special food group. Be willing to go without our suitcase full of medications or supplements. Be willing to endure sleeping in a place without that special mattress, or lots of space to hold all of the stuff you no loner need. Wear comfortable shoes, have good backpacks and dry foods. Carry toilet paper. Be willing to endure. KNOW THE ALTARS OF FUNERAL, GRIEVING AND TRANSFORMATION. KNOW THE POWER OF THE SACRED FIRES. KNOW HOW TO DANCE WITH COYOTES AND RISE LIKE A PHOENIX INTO THE WINDS OF CHANGE.

SHOW WISDOM, There is no room for EGO in this dance. We must all stay connected to soul. We must all come to know how to trust instincts beyond fear. We need to trust that we have the tools and the skills to go with the flow. One must have a very clear mind to tap into the serious wisdom of these times. Don’t try to work it through a fog. Be clear, be mindful, show compassion and be flex-abled. There is wisdom in all experience of the past. Know which thing to RE-member when it is most needed. Chances are it is more important to know how to build a fire and gather food, than to hang on to that lost prom date from High school. Just guessing!


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Levonne said...

That was deep!