Sunday, June 07, 2009


clinically insane
morally deranged
wild-eyes search
for meaning...
looking in the wrong places
asking the wrong questions
staying inside the lines
inside the box
unable to wield the hammer
that will knock down all
of the preconceived notions of
what life is suppose to look like.
fighting against the system
while staying within the system
unable to break it
destroy it
holding it close
unable to let it go
using the tools of the master
to destroy the master's house
unable to see that
the best destruction
comes from surprise
use your own tools
make something alien

1 comment:

jimspaulding said...

I really enjoyed this piece. It is well written, timely social and personal commentary. I particularly like the solution offered in the last lines: "Use your own tools. Make something alien." Beautifully said:)